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Retinal Evaluations
New patients
2 Exceptions
  • get name of PCP and endocrinologist and ask patient if they are seeing a general ophthalmologist or any other eye care professional – note name & town for all (this is done on Med Hx tab to the right of screen “Providers Sharing Care”. If patient is unsure of doctors, put note in the “Location section” of the providers sharing care. This will allow the secretary to look into info. Edit
  • BS & A1c @ all visits Edit
Chief complaint
Neutralize Glasses
Vision OU (CC+SC for distance)
Near OU
Amsler Grid
1 Exceptions
  • All ARMD patients, drusen, epiretinal membranes, macular edema, distorted vision, Plaquenil, consults for macular disease, and unexplained vision loss Edit
Confrontation Fields
Refract OU (distance and near)
1 Exceptions
  • Check for scanned-in refraction policy form in demographics area. If the patient has a printed refraction policy, have them sign it if needed. Edit
Check Pupils (document -/+ APD, size , and shape)
Check anterior chamber/angles
Measure IOP OU
Dilate OU