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Glaucoma Evaluations
New patients
Chief complaint
Vision OU (CC+SC for distance)
Near OU
Neutralize Glasses
Refract OU (distance & near)
2 Exceptions
  • Do not refract if referred by O.D or Ophthalmologist. Edit
  • If Glaucoma/Cataract combo then ok to refract Edit
1 Exceptions
  • ONLY DONE AFTER DILATION (MD will do him/herself or call a tech to do) Edit
Check Pupils (document +/- APD, size, and shape)
Pachymetry OU
1 Exceptions
  • add into testing tab, order under MD initials and add to the superbill Edit
Measure IOP OU
Check anterior chamber/angles
Only: MSK
Do Not Dilate
Only: GTE
Dilate OU
1 Exceptions
  • GTE unless the patient has NAG, pressure >40 or Pigmentary glaucoma Edit