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Contact Lens
Existing patients that already wear CLs
chief complaint
vision OU (distance and near)
Confrontation Fields
Neutralize Glasses
Refract over CL if wearing
1 Exceptions
  • only necessary to check sphere Edit
Refraction OU (distance and near)
2 Exceptions
  • push plus (+) first especially if in their 40’s. Edit
  • Check for scanned-in refraction policy form in demographics area. If the patient has a printed refraction policy, have them sign it if needed. Edit
1 Exceptions
  • check annually, and if changing lens type, CCT if considering new RGPs Edit
Measure IOP OU
Dilate 1X a year
3 Exceptions
  • No dilation if patient wears Multifocal CL’s. Edit
  • No dilation if Presbyopic or Have Vision Complaints that can’t be corrected to 20/20 (if 20/20 Dilate) Edit
  • (make sure to autorefract) IF NOT DILATED DOCUMENT WHY Edit