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Contact Lens
New patients that wear CLs currently
chief complaint
vision OU (CC + SC for distance)
Near OU
Confrontation Fields
Refract over CL if wearing
1 Exceptions
  • only necessary to check sphere Edit
Neutralize Glasses
Refraction OU (distance and near)
2 Exceptions
  • Check for scanned-in refraction policy form in demographics area. If the patient has a printed refraction policy, have them sign it if needed. Edit
  • If you cannot correct to 20/20 when no known pathology, please use autorefraction or retinoscopy. Edit
2 Exceptions
  • if having contact lens fit with TAS, KAD & EMO Edit
  • CCT if interested in RGPs Edit
if interested in Monovision/Multifocal - check for dominant eye
Measure IOP OU
Check anterior chamber and angles
Do not dilate if presbyopic/Dilate if not
1 Exceptions
  • If not dilated please document why Edit