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All Patients New and Existing
All Patients New and Existing
New and Existing
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Review the medical history tab with the patient to include:
9 Exceptions
  • Ocular history Edit
  • Review of systems Edit
  • Family history Edit
  • Tobacco status Edit
  • Pneumonia, Flu, and Covid vaccination status Edit
  • PCP, endocrinologist and referring doctor Edit
  • Diabetic patients: most recent blood sugar value and time taken Edit
  • A1c value if available and when it was done. Be sure to initial date reviewed Edit
  • Check fall risk for patients 65 years and older Edit
Tech tab: add the reason for the visit
4 Exceptions
  • For a new patient ask the patient and add who referred them Edit
  • For an existing patient check the plan (diagnoses) from the previous exam. Edit
  • Include any testing that was ordered Edit
  • Refer to the plan from the last visit for any medication changes and add to ocular medications with the correct start date and directions. Edit
3 Exceptions
  • For new patient only: to add systemic medications go to Erx to upload. if unable to, each medication must be added with a route and start date. all supplements need to be entered as well with the route and start date Edit
  • For existing patients: review the medications list on file and make changes if needed. Edit
  • Be sure to initial review Edit
Document Allergies/Sensitivities