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Cataract Evaluations
New Patients
chief complaints
Ocular Dominance
1 Exceptions
  • Record result in Vision Notes Edit
vision OU (CC + SC for distance)
Near OU
Confrontation Fields
Neutralize Glasses
Refract OU (distance & near)
1 Exceptions
  • Check for scanned-in refraction policy form in demographics area. If the patient has a printed refraction policy, have them sign it if needed. Edit
1 Exceptions
  • ONLY DONE AFTER DILATION (MD will do him/herself or call a tech to do) Edit
BAT (medium - All Doctors)
1 Exceptions
  • If best corrected vision is 20/25 or 20/20 (if patient complains of glare, do BAT if vision is better than 20/70) Edit
Check Pupils
1 Exceptions
  • document (+) or (-) APD, size, shape Edit
Measure IOP OU
Check anterior chamber and angles
Dilate OU
1 Exceptions
  • if Ks are 1.00D or more - please do a CCT Edit
Have patient sit with OU closed for 10 minutes while waiting for the doctor