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Glaucoma Evaluations
In house Glaucoma Consult
Chief complaint
Vision OU distance and near
EOMs– if last done 6 months or longer
Confrontation Fields– if last CFF done 6 months or more
Neutralize Glasses
Tech must ask and document if patient is happy with present glasses.
Refract once yearly - unless any of the exceptions are present
4 Exceptions
  • Decreased VA of 1 line or more Edit
  • Decreased VA of 2 lines or more in low VA patients (20/100 or worse) Edit
  • If patient is unhappy with present glasses Edit
  • Check for scanned-in refraction policy form in demographics area. If the patient has a printed refraction policy, have them sign it if needed. Edit
Check Pupils (document: +/-APD, size, and shape)
Pachymetry OU
1 Exceptions
  • add to testing tab ordered by M.D. Initials and to the superbill Edit
Measure IOP OU
Only: GTE
Only: MSK
3 Exceptions
  • MSK Dilate if the patient has been seen by a COPC glaucoma doctor in the past unless NAG, IOP>40 or has pigmentary glaucoma Edit
  • MSK DO NOT DILATE if a non-glaucoma COPC M.D. Referred. Edit
  • MSK DO NOT DILATE for MSK if scheduled for a VF (even if a COPC glaucoma M.D. referred) Edit